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Welcome to Riddle Studios! I am Luther Riddle, a husband, a father, and an artist; based out of Fresno, CA, here to assist you with all of your creative photography and video needs. My wife, Whitney,  mainly takes care of the publicity portion so that I can focus on your requests. 


As you can see by perusing this site, we can offer any style of shooting from traditional family portraiture, to “Baby’s First….”, all the way to off the wall cosplay & fantasy work. If you decide to hire me, you will receive final images with the utmost attention to detail and precision editing that is so subtle, you won’t even know it’s happened! 


We are willing to travel for your event, though that will factor into the pricing; each shoot is a case by case basis depending on the needs of the idea. 

Thank you for choosing Riddle Studios, we can’t wait to work with you!

Luther Riddle & family

Photography & Videography

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